10 years ago I fled from Ireland

I’d never got on a plane in my life and ran from Janet’s dad, with my three other children. He came after me and I was put in temporary housing and the police arrested him.

Life was okay until my son grew up and history started repeating itself. He became violent, like his father and the nightmare began again.

I went through life being vulnerable, I’ve been up and down. I wouldn’t still be here if I hadn’t had the support I’ve had, I feel stronger now and I know I would have gone back to the situation if I hadn’t had the help I’ve had. Next Link have been brilliant, having help with the kids has been great and I’ve really benefited from counselling.

For the future I really want to be able to come to terms with my past, do things for myself, learn to read and write. I’d like to do a course in interior design. I’d like my daughter to understand drugs and alcohol and have respect for herself and others.